Overview of Monkey’s Gold Slot Machine by Its Creator Nolimit Expectations are usually high for whatever City Studios releases next,

but you never know what to expect. Will it be a ‘book of’ slot unlike any other, or will it be horribly cruel and full of Barbarians? The only thing that can be said for sure is that they have reached the tricky angle in a slot machine named Monkey’s Gold. Several components here are interconnected and stack like Lego Technic bricks. Let’s try to disentangle this Gordian knot and get everything straight.

The plot centers on a Monkey King who rules the forest and amasses its wealth. Old stone sculptures lie strewn about, adding to the mystique of this wilderness. The 6×6 grid is flanked by two massive stone heads, and each spin yields 36 symbols. A soundtrack reminiscent of The Lion King provides impassioned accompaniment; nonetheless, it may be more at home in the Savannah than the jungle. It’s not a major deal because it disappears into the background vegetation as soon as the symbols begin to fall.

Bets may be placed from 20 p/c up to €100 per spin on any device. You could be taken aback by the studio’s rating of medium volatility after only a few quick spins. Since successful combos grow onto one another, some spins may end in nothing as a counterbalance. You won’t have to wait too long for something to happen, though, with an official hit rate of 1 in 4. The accumulating victories prior to delivery are a nice touch, especially for value-oriented players. The default RTP of 96.02% is also not terrible and puts it slightly above the mean.

When it comes to the rules, things grow more convoluted. There are no paylines or win methods in Monkey’s Gold. Instead, we have the brand new xPays system in Nolimit City. This mechanism is activated whenever at least three consecutive matching symbols appear on reels 1, 2, or 3. Winning symbols are gathered at the bottom of the grid, while losers are eliminated. As long as there are new winners, the process will repeat with a fresh set of symbols. A Megaways-style response mechanism in reverse. In the event that no further winning symbols emerge, the reward is determined by multiplying the total number of symbols gathered by their individual values.

Below, we’ll take a look at the paytable’s 10 standard symbols and other bonuses. Three dazzling diamonds, three exotically carved heads, and three J-A royals make up the low compensation. Each poor Jack is worth $0.05, whereas red Hindu-looking masks are worth 0.6x as much. Any regular sign can be replaced by the golden letter ‘W’ wild.

Playing the Monkey’s Gold Slot Machine

The additional elements of NoLimit City add depth and new ways to win. Free spins with a growing multiplier are the most popular feature, while giant symbols, multipliers, and upgrades to existing symbols are all popular additions.

xPays is crucial to symbol upgrades. When a row is completely filled during a spin sequence, all visible winning symbols are transformed into a more lucrative variant. The symbol with the highest payout receives a bonus multiplier.

On any given free drop, either a 2×2 or 3×3 mega sign might appear at random. They add not only their weight but also a multiplication of between four and five hundred. To be clear, this only increases your winnings each symbol gathered and not the entire amount. If huge symbols fall, leaving spaces below them, such spaces will be transformed into wilds. Any symbol that contains a multiplier is treated as if it included several symbols. Wilds also take on the multiplier of the active symbol when used as a substitute.

During free spins, Monkey’s Gold adds a win multiplier on top of everything else. To reach this destination, you must first obtain 3 or more scatter symbols, which will grant you 10 free spins plus an additional +3 spins for each additional scatter symbol that lands on the reels.

A dice roll is done before the free spins begin to determine the win multiplier increase (+1, +2, or +3). During free spins, the win multiplier is increased by one each time a row is filled and by one for each upgraded symbol.

Finally, if at least three bonus symbols appear on the following drop, you may make a feature purchase for 73 times your wager.

Slot Review: Monkey’s Gold

Strangely, when I was playing Monkey’s Gold xPays, images of around a half dozen other slot machines popped into my head. First, it has the look and feel of ELK’s Gold in terms of its features and gameplay. Because of how you gather winning symbols, you may also be reminded of Yggdrasil’s Pirate 2: Mutiny. Monkey’s Gold has its own identity while drawing inspiration from a wide range of sources. Some familiar elements have been altered in what is probably a superior way. You have to give it to Nolimit City; even when they’ve admitted to being influenced by others, they still manage to put their own unique spin on things.

The features have been so well integrated by Nolimit that when they all go off at once, the sensation can only be characterized as exhilarating. The progressive multiplier during free spins is the icing on the cake, especially when combined with the collected winning symbols, which trigger entire row upgrades.

It’s irrelevant that Nolimit City may have copied or looked to copy ideas from previous works. They succeeded in making a slot machine that is both fun and easy to play. They really bring the house down when used together, but they may also stand on their own. Consider the symbol multiplicand. While a huge Ace landing during free spins with an x250 multiplier isn’t likely to happen very frequently, it did happen during testing. What looked like a typical bonus at first became a pulse-quickening opportunity in an instant. At maximum wager, you have a good chance of winning up to 12,693 times your initial investment. It’s common knowledge at this point that Nolimit City has a realistic chance of winning the upcoming tournament.

By making a game that is both reminiscent of and unlike any other, Nolimit City has demonstrated once again that they are masters of their craft. It’s not as challenging or satisfying as some other feature-on-feature heavy hitters. But when it’s raining bonuses and wins like there’s no tomorrow, it’s a blast to play. Players who like simple games may be put off by Monkey’s Gold’s many layers, but those who want a challenge will find that it stacks up well against the competition.






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